Please be advised that the Tickets are reserved (subject to the Sales Regulations) only after the Confirmation of Purchase is issued to the Purchaser and the payment is received in full by MATCH Hospitality AG. 



Only residents of the Russian Federation are allowed to purchase tickets on this site. MATCH Hospitality AG may request proof of residence at any time.

The purchaser agrees that the Tickets may not be resold or used to promote any person, entity, product or service. The purchaser also represents and warrants that he or she is of legal age and/or legal capacity to enter into binding agreements.

Applicants wishing to purchase Tickets with additional accessibility requirements (including wheelchair access) should send any such requests directly to before the purchase. If such request was not agreed with MATCH Hospitality AG prior to the purchase, MATCH Hospitality AG is not liable for the unavailability of such additional accessibility.

Tokyo 2020 at its sole discretion designates seats or spaces for viewing the session based on the category of the Tickets purchased. The purchaser is not permitted to specify specific seats or request changes to the seats or spaces once they have been designated. Tokyo 2020 shall endeavour but not guarantee to have Tickets for seats booked under one Ticket application form be allocated adjacent to one another, wherever possible.


MATCH Hospitality AG shall notify the Purchaser about the option(s) available for either collecting or receiving the Tickets and any additional costs associated with the option(s). If applicable, within the timescale notified by MATCH Hospitality AG, the Customer shall confirm in writing the desired method for receiving the Tickets and authorise MATCH Hospitality AG to take the relevant payment of the associated additional costs from the Purchaser’s bank card. The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Tickets’ availability for collection is subject to the Purchaser having complied in full with all elements of the Sales Agreement. The Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that it is the Purchaser’s sole responsibility to collect the Ticket(s) from the location specified by MATCH Hospitality AG.

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